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A $25,000 3-Day Experience With Jay Abraham

If you want to make your marketing more profitable, your strategy more powerful, your selling system more effective, your competitive advantage more preemptive -- AND -- find overlooked profit opportunities, untapped revenue sources, underperforming revenue activities and profit-boosting possibilities…

Then a "BREAKTHROUGH AT THE BEACH" three-day business makeover can reset the strategic course and direction of your business-upward many rungs as your business receives a total marketing and selling approach makeover--and a high-performance strategy-reset-or-complete-replacement.

Note: This Page Contains Full Explanation Of “My Breakthroughs” Process, Presents 16 Different Actual Past Attendee Testimonials - Plus Offers A Staggering Amount Of Additional Validation/Proof Positive. Enjoy - Jay

Please Listen To Get Your Mind IN Gear To Appreciate What Follows:

at The Beach
Here's what it's all about: Twice per year, I conduct deep-dive, private and exclusive Elite Group, Strategic Marketing Makeover-based “Rapid-Results”, Super-Clinics. I limit them to 10-maximum primary companies attending. You’ll spend over 30 hours with me at my home (or our other special setting) discovering and mastering real keys to far more massive, sustainable business performance and profit improvement.

During Breakthroughs At The Beach we look at: 

  • How to increase the flow of prospects.
  • ​How to increase the conversion of more prospects over to buyers.
  • ​How to increase the average size of each transaction.
  • ​How to increase the frequency and utility value of each buyer.
  • ​We build you (where appropriate) — a complete Power Profit Parthenon.
  • ​We leverage up ALL nine drivers of exponential growth.
  • ​We focus on ANY of the 21 power principles your business may be weak in.
  • In addition, I may build you a power partnering/strategic alliance strategy — to multiply sales, (and expand market access), without increasing up-front investment or risk.
Nicolette Richer — Founder & CEO, Green Moustache Organic Cafe
Or your situation might call for penetrating new markets, introducing and --- sourcing new products or services, or actually completely acquiring other businesses (on a totally performance basis,) for no out-of-pocket cost or risk.

Or you might not know WHAT you need most—or which parts of your marketing and selling system is holding you back. If so...

Look At Your Business Through An Entirely Different Lens

It’s not a problem; since my Socratic investigative-discovery process will uncover those (and many more lucrative) answers for you. (you’ll see a lot more the moment you receive the 200 Q&A assessment.)

In these makeover sessions, I bring your business front-and-center! Then I perform a surgical “CAT scan-360° examination”, diagnostic assessment of every facet of your revenue-generating approach, strategy system, and the performance results you’ve been achieving. We identify every underperforming opportunity in everything you do -- every revenue activity that can be improved. This process provides a total strategy restructuring, a business and or revenue model “remodeling” and (when needed), a complete repositioning of your selling proposition and an interventional, massive-shift-UP, in everything (revenue-wise) your business does! It’s a no-nonsense, non-theoretical and deeply individualized, Hot Seat-based Total Business Transformation.

Together, we examine overlooked opportunities in everything your business does to generate revenue:

  • We look at barriers to growth, impediments to profitability, gaps in knowledge (or thinking) that are keeping your business from realizing its full performance potential.
  • I’ll typically illuminate a faster, safer and more results-probable –– (And, frequently, a far bigger) –– path to profitability.
  • ​We’ll carefully examine your current skill sets, leadership mindset, and competitive behaviors using group collaboration to break through paradigm barriers you may not even know you’ve been stuck on/in.
  • We see if your “business worldview” is vibrant, sweeping, and right on-point –– or needs to be replaced by a loftier and bigger vision.
  • You get straight talk-perspective from me AND the group on how to do it differently, what to do first, second, third etc..
  • We build a custom, action-based, timeline-game plan for doing what’s needed from the moment you return back to your business.
  • We create unstoppable new momentum, and velocity that fuels far greater competitive advantage and that works in the most ruthlessly challenging of business environments.
Mike Lawrence — CEO, Amp Marketing

AGAIN Only 10 Of You Can Attend

For every three-day session I am ONLY searching for just 10 of the right preeminent entrepreneurs or CEOs—those of you who are ready to make big changes in their business – move up to the next level––or totally skip two or three levels--as your business catapults upward.

THREE Magical, Non Theoretical Days Of Makeovers

The duration of the process is three days and it’s totally (and magically) focused-squarely on each participants’ unique and specific business situation.

Nothing generalized.  

Nothing theoretical. 

$25,000 To Add Millions More Over Your Business Lifetime
My Breakthroughs at The Beach, three-day makeover encounter represents hands down – the ultimate affordable business growth and personal strategic and critical thinking experience you may ever be offered - IF your business is suitable and ready.
Unless You Fail To Act You Should See Results Occur Before Even Attending
So, if the idea of a really deep, deep-dive-customized means of securing exceptionally –actionable, “fresh new eyes” solutions, strategies, answers, ideas (that you probably wouldn’t gain access to anywhere (or in anyway else) appeals to you — you should.
Adam Siddiq15-time Award Winning Author
Also again, in case you are unfamiliar with me and or my methods, watch the 47 minute documentary that 11 time Emmy-award winning director, Nick Nanton created about my career and methods: It features cameo-segments from Tony Robbins, Shark Tank’s Daymond John, Bullet Proof Coffee’s Dave Asprey, Subir Chowdhury - the top world expert on Six Sigma and many more.

If you want a staggeringly comprehensive education into my mind and methods read the two-paged excerpt from USA Today »
Dr. Alok Trivedi Aligned Performance Institute

Nothing Remotely Like This Process Exists

Since there’s nothing out there remotely like this and there’s no one out there remotely like me---it would probably benefit you if I can take a different slant here, now--in explaining what this is, why it is, and what YOU can expect:

Your business will gain directly in many incomparable ways

First of all, participants will receive an initial intensive (and extensive) orientation session with me in front of the group when they arrive. (Based on completing a 200 question comprehensive assessment.) This enables me to thoroughly establish with you a full understanding of the target goals and objectives we’re aiming for, — during the three-day process and, interaction, together.

Then you’ll receive a deep-dive, personalized, problem-solving and opportunity-mining session that could run up to two hours. It gets divided into progressive segments—to optimize your total outcome.

It’s done with me (first) and then the group participating––where you and other participating members get your current, most important/critical or opportune issues addressed and solved/resolved/strategized - From A Spectrum Of Perspectives. 

You'll Never Miss Any Breakthroughs

Every minute of every second is recorded for you; so you never miss a breakthrough.

You will also receive a MAMMOTH lifetime reference library of outrageously valuable resources — Worth far more than the participation fee, itself. This includes:
  • Includes 12 Volume Library.
  • 10 Full Length Courses.
  • ​Facebook Private Attendee Group.
This collection will be sent to you, ahead of attending--to get your mind in gear and give you the chance to first-hand experience the power of my mindset and methodology-applied to your business, well before you ever arrive at the event.

Again It’s A Total Business Transformation
In Three Stunning Days

Most importantly--we identify the most critical imperatives you must focus major time attention and resources on---now!

If you’re feeling stuck in any or all of these nine areas about:

  • Losing out to the competition
  • ​Not selling enough
  • ​Erratic business volume
  • ​Failing to be strategic
  • ​Costs eating up all your profits
  • ​Still doing what’s not working
  • ​Being marginalized by the marketplace
  • ​Mediocre marketing and sales results
  • ​Still trying to do it all yourself


Experiencing the power and force of one of my special strategic Breakthroughs at The Beach processes could -- and should -- totally transform your business performance, profitability, possibilities and ultimate long term prosperity.
Dr. Amanda Apfelblat Chiropractic Specialist
People Come Here For Big BreakthroughsNot For Just
A Few Good Ideas
The ultimate purpose of attending one of my Breakthroughs at The Beach and participating, submitting yourself and your business to this unclassifiably comprehensive (and intensive), multi day-transformational business dynamic—IS for you to see how to go from wherever your business is at today—to a far greater level of performance, profitability and predictability — with little or no additional investment, little or no major risk.
David Giuliano Business Coach

Getting Unshackled From Mere Linear Thinking And Taking Your Business Growth Knowledge Beyond Exponential

My goal in doing these is to get you unblinded; so you can see your biggest growth or profit-boosting constraints, limitations or illusionary restrictions –– And together perform what I call a paradigm-ectomy — it lets us set more masterful new strategic initiatives and direction, rethink your business values, behaviors and capabilities.
  • I will hold you to a far higher standard of performance, achievement and strategic and marketing improvement than you’ve ever held yourself –– Because I know how much more is possible from time, effort, opportunity, investment, access to the market, interaction with prospective buyers.
  • ​I will teach you how to have more certainty and decisiveness and how to better pilot your business growth.
  • You will gain clarity and a sense of confidence in the solutions you mount---plus a master plan to successfully deal with whatever challenges, obstacles, setbacks, opportunities---or unexpected surprises that exist or come up in your business life!

Specialized, Customized, Individualized Solutions, Strategies AND Tactics

Everything I do and every contribution made by each participant attending (when you’re in my “Situation Room Spotlight”) --is specifically focused on YOUR challenges, YOUR opportunities, YOUR competitive situation, YOUR mode of selling or marketing—not someone else’s.

Again it’s $25,000 per participant to be part of this live, massive-makeover/hot seat driven experience. No payment terms. Maximum 10 primary participants. 
Ingvi Tomasson CEO, STRAX Americas, Inc.

WHY I’m Doing This...

I do these breakthroughs at either one of my homes (or an exceptionally stimulating setting) for very strategic reasons.

I want you to feel that I am authentically committed to you and your business’ betterment; as well as the betterment of every other CEO or entrepreneur we allowed to participate in your group. 

ROI’s That Are Off The Chart!

The intended outcome is a return on your investment of yields that should be at least 10+ times your investment, but can be 100X.
If your business is not currently operating at a high enough level of revenue and profitability and that kind of an annual profit gain is not minimally realistic for your situation — don’t even think to apply!
Rishi Firoz Trainer & Consultant of Neuro Linguistics Programming
Let’s squarely focus on outcomes you should expect to gain from participating — If you are accepted:
So you’re clear on this—this is a “labor of love” project for me.

It’s 1/12th The Price Of Private “One-On-One” Consulting

Yes, it does make profit; but nowhere close to the kind of income we get from our long-term private profit sharing and advisory clients I work with.

I do these BREAKTHROUGH events because I can help businesses like yours--who would never pay my more staggering monthly retainer fees or profit shares; but who would greatly benefit from access to my advice, expertise and recommendations. 

Is Breakthroughs at The Beach
Right for You?

For less than 1/12th the fixed fee I charge a private client, you gain access to my personalized strategy, my customized marketing, my unique preemptive repositioning, uniquely-focused competitive advantage -- that has the proven capability of catapulting your sales/profit performance, by orders of magnitude.

This is not delusion on my part. My track record of performance for private clients speaks for itself. See press excerpts Here.

That’s Probably Why 3200 Other Business Books In Publication Reference To My Body Of Work

Everything I do and every contribution made by each participant attending (when you’re in my “Situation Room Spotlight”) --is specifically focused on YOUR challenges, YOUR opportunities, YOUR competitive situation, YOUR mode of selling or marketing—not someone else’s.

Again it’s $25,000 per participant to be part of this live, massive-makeover/hot seat driven experience. No payment terms. Maximum 10 primary participants. 
Mark Leong Founder & CEO, Farmz Asia

Mistake Proof Attendance:
If It’s Not Right And You’re NOT Right We Won’t Accept You

I can make that statement because, if you’re already performing at optimal levels — Rob won’t accept you. If you’re so underperforming and under-resourced that you can’t properly apply what I would teach--Rob won’t accept you. He will ONLY accept those entrepreneurs and CEOs whose companies clearly represent high-probability, massive performance-enhancement candidates. Simple.

So, it makes great sense to connect with our Consulting Department to see whether or not YOUR business/company IS appropriate.


You’ll be working privately in an elite group of just 10-max primaries—Each co-participant will pose to me a collection of high-performance challenges, opportunities and issues that (when you experience me solving them) will stretch your own sense of profit-possibility in ways you’ll see past attendees acknowledge. (See Testimonials).

You’ll be reframing the direction of your business “ascendency pathway” in ways that none of your direct competitors even know about--much less are using.

Experience Immediate, Massive, Strategic, Ideological Philosophical Change
Perhaps for the first time in your business life you’ll have the opportunity to encounter and experience–an immediate strategic, ideological, and philosophical business change --- that can dramatically enhance the performance improvement of all the revenue activities your business does, from this point forward.
You’ll learn how to think, act and transact business at a level of preeminent achievement you may have never thought possible.
Again a brash-sounding statement, perhaps. But these testimonials don’t lie.

Plus -- I AM the creator and the world recognized authority on the Strategy of Preeminence. See Google Search: "Jay Abraham strategy of preeminence". 

I HAVE the distinction of having invented this strategy and incorporated it into some of the best-known success stories and iconic business masters out there. Including — Daymond John, Tony Robbins, ICY HOT, Ramit Sethi, Entrepreneur Magazine, Bulletproof Coffee, Planet Fitness, Stephen R. Covey, The Deming Organization, The #1 Expert Witness on Cyber Security, the government contractor who teaches Navy Pilots how to fly unmanned attack drones, The preeminent authority on Six Sigma, the authors of Chicken Soup For The Soul — were all influenced by my work.

I don’t lie; nor am I prone to even exaggerate when I make these kinds of definitive statements. 
Dr. Daniel Knowles Founder, Mile High Chiro
Over the years millions of people have sought me out to learn my fundamental “general” business building-lessons.

General Theory Isn’t What You’ll Get Here

I conducted over $250 million dollar’s worth of general, large-attendance seminars. But after decades of sharing my ideas more passively, I’ve come to believe that merely studying my basic general success principles on your own — In a vacuum — isn’t the maximum answer to achieving the most massive, rapid and ever-compounding business improvement possible.

“Hands-On, Extensive/Intensive Custom Total Business Transformation”


Actually having me “hands-on”, apply specific improvements that are totally adapted to YOUR unique business situation — and doing it under my watchful, masterful eye — THAT’S what can multiply your outcomes and results, by orders of magnitude! 
Jamie Schwass Eden Chiropractic

Only 10 Primary Participants Per Encounter

My commitment to the 10 maximum primary members of each breakthrough group and specifically to you — is to do that for your business, each and every minute of the process.

That begins with your immersive orientation session with me, and then moves onto your specific issue-focused, hot seat-makeover, multiple sessions you go through with me — and on-to the collaborative, continuous group discussions throughout this three day makeover process. 

Is Breakthroughs at The Beach right for you?

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Innovative And Extraordinary

I’ve created this integrated, totally interactive, “totally custom-focused” process and one-of-it’s kind dynamic. It’s far too innovative and extraordinary in the makeover category and the dimension of breakthroughs it can deliver---to merely be called a transformative mastermind group. AGAIN I CALL IT A TOTAL BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION. 

I can promise that neither your mindset, nor your business will ever be the same again — for better! 

That is my commitment to you! 
Prince EA Artist, Poet and Filmmaker

Your Mindset Will Evolve Enormously During This
Three Day Process

If you commit-fully to this collaborative, candid-discussion process — In just one three-day makeover — I know I can fully recondition, restructure, reset, redirect and ultimately reshape the ultimate growth machine your business can become and the strategic marketing genius that resides underutilized within you!

You Alone Will Decide Which Ideas To Accept And Embrace

You have my word that I will never force you to embrace any different path then you’re currently pursuing — unless it makes better performance sense — better profitability sense — Better predictability sense — Better risk-reduction sense. 

I do plan on electrifying you, energizing you with such newfound understanding of far higher, safer, faster, less risky and enormously higher-yielding superior choices that are available to you, that—I firmly believe—you’ll want to either replace or add the concepts and strategies I (and the group) formulate, to what your business currently does.  

But you alone ultimately decide. 
Joshua José Ng Engagement Manager
Remember, you have my word – but I also want YOUR word that you will do YOUR part to collaborate, cooperate and execute meaningfully what YOU gain from this process.
  • You’ll develop a sense of absolute certainty about your business destiny.
  • ​I’ll push and stretch you far beyond whatever plateau or comfort level you and your business may be content operating at today.
  • ​You’ll get answers, tools, lessons, case-study instruction and hands-on strategic guidance that you can understand, apply and sustain when you return home!
  • ​Most importantly – you’ll gain firsthand, crucible-based world-class expertise---to turn you into a more powerful/masterful business builder.
  • ​I and the group will get you to take on more and greater action (more innovative action); so you see how to continuously accomplish amazing new things for and through your business.
  • ​You’ll understand the intellectual (and strategic) as well as transactional basis of my power principles for producing enduring stratospheric achievement, never-ending personal and business growth and wealth in all forms –– both tangible and intangible.
  • ​More importantly (and best of all), you’ll have learned how to make those 10 or 15° shifts in thinking differently that produces quantum shifts in your results.
Donny Epstein Founder, EpiEnergetics
In summary — the best way I know to permanently and positively rapidly change, both inwardly AND outwardly, the trajectory of your business performance — Is not by letting you merely watch, read or listen passively to me or to any other expert’s general theories.

It’s by enabling you to actually experience and apply these strategic marketing and mindset improvements, right there — Role-playing, and scenario-adapting, then modifying them under my direct guidance----with me looking over your shoulder. 

My Expertise Becomes Your Expertise.
My Mindset Becomes Yours.

That way my specialized knowledge and scenario-based experience (and wisdom) gets custom-transferred from me to you and the other attendees you’re journeying with in this three-day adventure. 

MY mindset becomes YOUR mindset.  

By the way, most of the elements, processes and experiences you can expect to encounter over that three-day process are totally new and more powerful than previous methodologies I’ve ever used--to teach or share in any group endeavor before this. 

By Now You Obviously Realize That Everything About This Process And Three Day Dynamic Is Unique, Proprietary - Totally Different.

My world wide private client work of late has produced some utterly astonishing new breakthroughs I’ll be applying for you.

So, if you’re ready to UP the game of business you play — for years to come or decades — and you can commit the collaborative investment of time, effort and openness to the group — plus of course, comfortably afford the fee — I’m offering an experience you really couldn’t get in the past. 
Phil Kavesh Ultimate Estate Planner

Seriously Interested?

If seriously interested, qualified and willing to commit yourself full-out to my process — contact my Consulting Department to see whether you’re appropriately-suited — and when the next Breakthroughs in The Beach is scheduled to happen! 

Also again, in case you are unfamiliar with me and or my methods watch the 47 minute documentary that 11 time Emmy-award winning director, Nick Nanton did on my career and methods. 
Need More Proof? Then Respectfully You’re Probably Not Suitable. But I Thank You For Reading This Lengthy Overview! I’ve Gone To Unimaginable Effort Here To Present This Opportunity Accurately And Honestly. — JA

Is Breakthroughs at The Beach right for you?

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