The Case Study For Critical Thinking On...
"The Problem With 10X Exponential Moonshot Growth – as well as the solution!"
Mindset Disclaimer: I'm not saying to avoid or NOT to explore the potential benefits of going outside your current business strategies and utilizing one of the many external technology based, 10X Exponential “Moonshot” Growth options that are flooding the market these days. I am NOT saying that external based technology isn't beneficial in the long term — or, even necessary for many industries... 

However, it DOES NOT make sense to approach external technology soloutions without really recognizing the dangers, problems, AND hidden cost that can be associated with implementing them — And, instead learning how to compensate for the downside potential by utilizing what you already have sitting in front of you right now.

What I’m saying is that we believe, it makes sense to first maximize and optimize internally (or what I call "Internal 100X Profit Growth”) in your business before — or at least — while you are looking at integrating "disruptive" technological breakthroughs (or the current fad of “External 10X Moonshot Growth)

If I piqued your interest, I invite you to read on...
"So What’s Better Than 10X Exponential Business Growth?"

Dear Entrepreneur,

There’s a huge faction of thought leaders out there who unanimously advocate that you go for 10X Exponential Business Growth and do it with a barrage of technologically-driven MOONSHOTS. The business and entrepreneurial world seems to have bought into this philosophy - full out. 
While we agree, in principle, with these theoretical game plans for monumental success – and acknowledge the absolute wonderment of technology breakthroughs available to enhance success, there’s a rub – an omission of fact or truth you need to recognize before you jump in with both feet (and your bank account).
What you need first is an exponential and perpetual profit-and-cash flow source that pays for all your unexpected / underestimated moonshot costs you must incur – until you attain a successfully performing exponential growth machine.
How to guarantee your business achieves 10X External Business Growth – without risk
Install a 100X internal profit multiplier system to finance your external risks; to protect your primary and other cash flow – AND to provide reset/pivot money when/if your external technology-driven Moonshot fails to execute successfully.

Use the nearly 100 separate “internal” exponential growth factors (you aren’t even aware exist) within the heart of your current revenue system to generate multiplied profits – without risks or additional investments, profits to fund overruns, fund bringing in more high-priced experts; running two operating systems concurrently.
The ONE overlooked monumental flaw in 10X exponential growth thinking
It costs a fortune, takes far longer, you have to choose all the right technology “matches,” you need to hire multiple high-priced Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics experts from outside – most of which are NOT familiar with YOUR unique business requirements, everything must work seamlessly, or your business is screwed

Finally, once your 10X Growth Moonshot machine is ready for prime time –you MUST get the word out about whatever newly found advantages you offer. That requires conciderable expenses that can include marketing, PR, website, new sales force, trade show booth, travel, etc. – all of which must be paid for by some source of cash – be it available cash flow, bank lines, borrowing, investors, etc.

Thinking about it practically, your business is being turned into a guinea pig, playing a highly volatile, exceptionally costly, downright dangerous game of high-tech speculation.

Remember all the SEO and Optimization experts in the beginning of the digital marketing era? The moment Facebook and Google changed algorithms? Their “brilliance” turned toxic.
Why 10X exponential business growth is actually thinking too small
Seriously, if you put a pencil to the ultra-achievable internal upside leverage points, below you’ll see that a mere 10% improvement in as few as 20 internal impact points FAR EXCEEDS  the 10X “Moonshot” yield profit wise – and tapping into internal exponential growth is ALL low or no cost / risk-free funds.
How would you like to know 61 SPECIFIC ways to blow the doors past a mere 10X Exponential Business Growth – by applying them first internally? 
See a few examples laid out and illustrated below. Each one can deliver a significant boost in multiplied profit. You won’t have to do all 61 of them – but doing 5-10 could double profits without doubling cost – making it much easier and lucrative to do the technology plays you're contemplating.

1. What are all the facets you’re testing with your sales force? What else could be tested? 

2. Have you tested multiple different variables? Different ways to open a relationship? Different ways to advance the relationship?
3. Have you tested a multitude of sequential communications that involve call, letter, email, text, and more?
4. Have you tested different messaging to reach people that is value-based or provocative, sustainable or progressive communications that can be built on?
5. When communicating with someone, do you test different premises, propositions, and preemptive ways of addressing issues ahead of time?
6. In what ways are you defining, distinguishing, and delineating your product/service/company/people?
7. Have you tested what you can do to accelerate the purchase?
8. Have you tested what you can do to upsell the purchase?
9. Have you tested what to do after the purchase?
10. Have you tested making arrangements with other people who have additional and/or complimentary products and services?
Why Almost everyone is wrong about shooting for 10X exponential business growth
Even the great technologists (and they are great visionaries) fail to point out ALL the monster capital expenses – as well as dangers in doing it externally. THERE IS NO certainty and few proof of concept success models out there. Plus, budgets are always under-calculated, timelines are always overly optimistic, successful outcomes (when finally complete) often fail soon after, requiring costly and timely reworking.

My concern is that your monster investment in all this cutting-edge technology will turn out to be mearly expensive toys – so you MUST make certain your attraction to the technology is for monster productivity gains, profits, preeminence, and NOT just intellectual entertainment.
Is VR, AR, AI and Robotics really the fastest path to 10X Exponential Business Growth?
Do the math. Look at the risk/expenses/yield-loss ratios in what “they” all say to do first vs. the safe, low/no-risk internal strategy WE recommend you do BEFORE, or at least while, going the high-tech route – in order to self-fund/self-hedge all your speculation and dizzying expenses.
Why VR, AR, AI and Robotics may NOT be the fastest path to 10X exponential business growth
There’s really nothing more to say EXCEPT – invest some time to study the logic and critical thinking resources I've provided below, review the actual graphic demonstrations, examples, audios, and documents I’ve provided (full of far safer, surer, low/no-risk/no-cost, well-hedged strategies) – and then decide for yourself which form of exponential growth to “shoot” for first – EXTERNAL OR INTERNAL...

Then contact Rob Colasanti at (727) 480-8853 or to discuss YOUR Internal Exponential Profit Growth opportunities and the many different services, products/programs we’ve created to help you do it – safely, successfully, and without compromising your current cash flow along the way.
But don't stop here, the next 10 mins of perspective is tremendously valuable, and it is to yOUR benefit to continue reading on...
There are far too many technologists out there urging you to shoot for a lot of high-tech driven Exponential Growth, or a 10X “Moonshots.” I’m not arguing with their premise, nor am I refuting the ultimate result explosion that is certainly possible at the end of the dark, costly tunnel. But, I AM arguing with the fatal flaw in their urging. They ARE failing to both recognize and thus – failing to warn against THIS... 

In order to achieve that 10X Exponential Business Growth they all advocate – YOU MUST:

First: Figure out exactly what cutting edge technology you need/want to employ/deploy to propel those 10X Exponential Business Moonshots. Typically, these technologists are recommending virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, etc.

But what they don't tell you is the new VR, AR, AI, etc. product they are proposing – unless the product is something like Infusionsoft, Salesforce or other technology designed to seemlessly integrate and play well with other programs or technology – may not work within your exsisting system(s). And if you wanted to "make it work", you may have to invest considerably in cutom programming and/or APIs ( Application programming interfaces).

Two: You have to figure out what type of VR, AR, AI, Robotics etc. application is most applicable to move your "moonshot-worthy goal” forward based on your unique set of scenarios – plus, which version of said technology to choose. 

Three: Since chances are neither you (nor your internal IT staff) are already fine tuned technologist-worthy VR, AR, AI and/or Robotics experts – you’ve got to bring in a high-priced (possibly theoretical), BUT ultra-mission-critical specialist omultiple specialists to figure out your “moonshot-worthy” applications and specific technologies to accomplish them – and keep in mind their billing clocks keep ticking the whole time. 

None of the “do it now / commit unimaginable resource risk” experts recommend that – before pulling any costly, dangerous financial triggers… you need to first immerse yourself in the best, most respected, objective and honest industry newsletters, magazines, associations, trade shows (your own due dilligence and research) to learn about high-tech product, not just the arbitrary ones chosen by your experts!
If hiring an expert was enough and everything was done at that point, it’d be ok – HOWEVER... developing a strategic VR/AR/AI implementation plan, is like starting a whole new business.
Four: You’ve got to hope these technologies ALL work together, integrate, and deliver the theoretical “Moonshot” outcomes you’ve so critically contemplated. 

But, what if they don’t? 

It’s more experts, more integration trial and error, more replacement technology, more Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics (Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Ka-ching)

Five: More times than not it is far more speculative, and dauntingly more time consuming, and expensive than you’ve been “theoretically” advised or are expecting. 

Most high-tech industries are too new to show consistent integrative success – except maybe Robotics.

The implementation process can totally compromise your entire existing operation and sabotage cash flow/product/service/delivery performance, if any one thing goes wrong, let alone everything! 

All the while, you’re draining capital, diminishing gross profits, diverting cash-flow, stressing your entire operations, financial structure and production process – and the timelines and budget estimates keep growing larger and larger, longer and longer, and it doesn’t stop there.

Six: If you look at it metaphorically, you’ve turned yourself into an amateur in the unintentional Venture Capitalist world, or worse, an inexperienced technology gambler – speculating, betting big money on seven-to-ten functions, factors, and phases that all need to go right – or your enterprise is screwed. The best venture capitalists win 1 out of 15-to-20 deals. Gamblers win 50/50. You have to win 100% on all counts – with hired hands doing all the vetting.

But don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying don’t go for an externally driven – 10X Exponential Business GrowthMoonshot!”

Instead I’m saying that...

Before, during, and even after you finally figure out and successfully finish the “Moonshot Maze,” as I call it – utilize the little-discussed, rarely understood, and yet undeniably high-probability / high-profit yield that MY success-proven, 100X Exponential (Internal) Profit Growth System promises – to generate ALL the capital, to run a failsafe dual system, while perfecting your technology-based version. 

Using my 100X Exponential (Internal) Profit Growth System can help guarantee the financial cash flow and multiplying profit HEDGE you’ll need, to go the distance until your “moonshot” delivers it’s payload.
Many seemingly successful companies can actually be sUCCESSFULLY stuck... 
Well, What do I mean by Successfully Stuck? Many seemingly successful companies can actually be "SUCCESSFULLY Stuck" thinking a nice annual revenue and profit gain is wonderful – when in fact it’s a fraction of the potential yield that internal strategies can produce.

If you’re keeping score of the totals so far – if you merely start internally, or at least, do Internal Exponential Profit Growth processes while simultaneously implementing your technology-driven “Moonshot” – it’s a very real way to cover most, all, or MORE than all your External Moonshot costs.

But look there’s even more...

Your current revenue system contains anywhere from 10-to-50 impact and/or sub-impact leverage points that can each be improved 5 - 50%. Sincerely, this can be additional unimaginable multiplied or geometric profit on top of every element we’ve precious discussed.

If you add an advanced business growth strategy such as:
  - penetrate one new market yearly
  - introduce one new major product/service yearly
  - acquire one competitive or complementary business yearly...

...totally on an earn-out or performance-based, no cash outlay – it gives you a new, expanded market, a new preemptive access vehicle, a new competitive business advantage, all with less economic risk/far less capital risk – and it can finance all the “Moonshots” you want to pursue.
Still want more?
OK, leverage any or all of the 100 OPR’s (Other Peoples’ Resources) we’ve identified, including other companies: distribution channels, sales forces, brands, endorsements, facilities as well as other companies’ technology, and so much more – and it will generate a multiple, on top of multiple, on top of multiple profit increase.
Here is a partial selection of some of the internal strategies at your disposal RIGHT NOW for mining "Monster-sized" Internal Exponential Growth and Unrealized Profit Explosions – without major investment or risk.

All can provide the funding and “hedge capital” you’ll need to play the External “Shoot-for-the-Moon” Exponential VR, AR, AI, robotics-driven game – and stay in long enough to win!

Power Parthenon & Three Ways To Grow A Business 
Leverage Marketing Audio 
Other People's Resources

After reviewing the above (and realizing this is only a fraction of the internal multipliers available), I urge you to strongly consider contacting Rob Colasanti using our convenient booking service available by clicking the button below.
Alternatively you may contact him on his cell phone at (727) 480-8853 or email him at

Rob is ready to help you explore our many different services, products, and programs – all designed to rapidly and continuously mine your company’s Internal Exponential Profit Growth and tap into every Internal Profit Multiplier before, or at least during, your pursuit of that 10X Technology-driven External “MOONSHOT!” 
7 More Reasons You Should Consider My Internal Profit Growth Strategy
Here are just a few ways in which "Tech Plays" could go wrong and why you should concider using more Internal Profit Growth Strategies:
1) The technology form factors are evolving rapidly – Various mobile & computing devices will become obsolete, creating platform winners and losers. If you pick a loser, unraveling the integration could be disastrous!

2) Many recent technologies are not yet fully-baked proven solutions. Choosing any new high-tech platform can be a high-risk endeavor these days. Not to mention that layering multiple technologies together can increase both your capital expense and potential margin of error – EXPONENTIALLY.

3) Most IT Departments are not equipped to integrate and/or manage the onslaught of new applications quickly and effeciently.

4) Network Standards and speeds (such as 5G and fiber optics) are evolving but with a slow roll out. Cloud computing is also evolving but security still remains to be an issue. Becasue of this, many companies still require on-site/in-house solutions which pose additional expenses and deployment challenges.

5) Within any workforce, there is a often a lot of fear and reluctance around adopting new technologies. Workflow may slow down or even come to a complete halt during the roll out of a new technology – Requiring a change in management structure/strategy to accomodate these learning curves and roadblocks.

6) A company’s workforce will inherently be more willing and efficient in implementing internal strategies for which they already have experience. It also provides the opportunity for workforce personal wins – which will be beneficial in reducing friction towards the future implementation of newer technologies. 

7) New technology cannot be implemented in a vacuum. There must be transparency among departments and an overall understanding of how new technologies relate to the exsisting and potential business "Line Strategies". Consumer and client-facing solutions may look very different from process and productivity solutions. Understanding where these solutions intersect vs. where they differ are key to creating a congruent front as well as a financially congurent development strategy. 
Final Notes To Consider
Expertise of Technological Experts – There is a broad range in the relative expertise of technological experts – As the saying goes – 50% of all doctors graduated at the bottom half of their class. The same is true of experts. Even in the case of a highly-skilled expert, this person may only be fluent in a single or limited number of business line applications.

Thinking Holistically About New Technologies – Very few companies are thinking holistically about new technologies. While solving a single problem using the right tech has value, deploying individual siloed solutions will cost exponentially more and (as mentioned previously), may not integrate seamlessly with each other or with legacy systems. 

It's Still Frontier Tech – The Digital mindset is already here and we can learn from the evolution of the internet & mobile technologies. VR, AR & AI, Robotics, Blockchain, etc. are the next frontier. Each has its own set of complications aggregate, there simply isn’t enough data out there to support adoption at scale

Technological progress is certainly coming at a rapid pace and we are pushing boundaries on all fronts. But in the same way the FDA tests and approves a drug before it can hit the market, this same strategy is needed to implement “FRONTIER TECH.” Slow and steady wins the race. 

Internal Growth Strategies And Thier Tech Counterparts – An interesting exercise might be to map the Internal Growth Strategies to a tech counterpart. The exercise of identifying and implementing improvements to these internal impact points may lead to a parallel path where tech can bring additional success – (this is the next phase). We should learn from the Internet & Mobile era. 
The Bottom line...
Don’t become a victim of the "dotcom" bubble, but don’t be Blockbuster in a Netflix age either. 

A lot of this Frontier Tech isn’t ready for prime time in many ways. However, companies must already be doing the legwork on the who, what, where, when and most importantly WHY.

Instead of doing so much leg work, why not focus on what you are already familiar with – i.e.: "Internal Strategies", processes, revenue models, leverage points, etc. that already exsist within your current activities.

Yes, the time is NOW to strategize... but not necessarily to build and deploy YET!

The saying “write what you know” seems very relevant – better yet in this case let's instead say, “build what you know”. 

For any company, streamlining and improving existing business practices makes perfect sense. Are you ready to do a deep dive into my Internal Growth Profit Strategies? What I propose WORKS... 

Increasing Internal Exponential Profit Growth and maximizing Internal Efficiencies will ultimately help define and propell tech strategies. Therefore, it is THE essential first step. But admittedly, even I prefer the parallel strategy to the internal first then external. Perhaps this is due to my personal "true" objective to see valuable VR, AR, AI and Robotics solutions hit the market!

It's implicit in this discussion that I possess the expertise but if you need explicit proof, watch the following video on what the experts have to say then think about all I’ve shared, and if you agree – contact Rob Colasanti using our convenient booking service available by clicking the button below.
Alternatively, you may contact him on his cell phone at (727) 480-8853 or email him at
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