Introducing Jay's...
Introducing Jay's...
Brain Trust-Mastermind Alliance
Brain Trust-Mastermind Alliance
Dear Entrepreneur,

In 1954, a famed Japanese director created a masterpiece film titled “Seven Samurai.” In 1960, director John Sturges recreated Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece and turned it into a now classic western titled “The Magnificent Seven.” I was 14, and the movie inspired me.

The plot is that seven masterful gunfighters collaborate to come protect and preserve a small village in Mexico from a bunch of marauding bandits. The theme music is haunting…
Arriving in the village, these seven gunfighters teach the villagers to build fortifications and begin to train them to defend/respect themselves. Each gunfighter finds himself befriending and adoring various villagers. 

The gunfighters teach the villagers to have belief in their deservedness to a better, happier life. They teach them how to overcome apprehension, fear, and nerves.

At the end, with their training and guidance from the gunfighters, the villagers won against the marauders and forever knew they could protect and preserve their village and successful lives.

I love that movie and see it as a metaphor for how – as preeminent entrepreneurs, we are (figuratively speaking) not unlike a pure village trying to thrive with a constant barrage of marauders (i.e. direct competitors, indirect competitors, consumer procrastinators, etc...). 

I’m making this opening remark to set the stage for a new and (I believe) sweepingly, impactful, ultra-elite combination Brain Trust and Mastermind Alliance I’m organizing for a maximum of 27 highly-selected entrepreneurs.

I’m calling the group “The Magnificent 27” to both pay homage to one of MY favorite movies, and a movie that was selected for preservation by the Library of Congress as being culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant. Plus, I only want 27 members.
"I Want my Magnificent 27 Brain Trust - Mastermind
Alliance” to be a syndicate of significant marketers,
magnificent entrepreneurs, superlative strategists, 
and leading-edge innovators
...Each who each bring something monumental (and extraordinary) to the group - - be it strategic mastery, marketing superiority, technological genius, positioning genius, etc.

Stated differently, you cannot be a member of THIS elevated group of high-performance superstars – unless you ARE one, yourself.

By now, you know that my primary focus is being the private, high-stakes, “Masterful-Thinking Partner” and strategic, business growth advisor to larger businesses.

But, I still thoroughly enjoy engineering non-theoretical, high-intensity, no-nonsense, ideation and strategic conceptualization Group Think Tanks that are focused, committed and fully dedicated to the continual generation and actualization of monster-level strategic, marketing positioning, competitive, revenue source breakthroughs for all - from each contributing member. Meaning: the growth / development betterment of one another is its primary purpose.

I say contributing member, because - unless you bring something meaningful, significant, unique, and highly adaptable to the group dynamic, your request for inclusion will be regrettably, but respectfully, declined.

Look, I’m too evolved and strategically focused on sophisticated breakthroughs every day to tolerate a disparate group of partially successful entrepreneurs trying to gain more traction, and profit from far more successful members. This kind of applicant won’t be allowed in “The Magnificent 27” group.

I’ve done three experimental groups with random size and success levels of entrepreneurs – it didn’t produce the kind of explosive, electric, breakthrough dynamics my purpose intended. So, I stopped doing them altogether.

Participants in past groups were not balanced –  they didn’t commit themselves to full-on monthly implementation. I did have one star performer – Ramit Sethi, but his achievement could have probably been increased by orders of magnitude had I been more rigorous and discriminatory about the congruity and qualifications of each member I let in.

So, fast-forward four years. I’ve either helped design, improve, conceptualize, or contributed to so many mastermind groups and collaborative programs that - I feel the urge to try a new hybrid version – one time only – and not for the money – mostly for the sheer joy and exhilaration of bringing together only high performers to ideate monster-caliber breakthroughs for one another.

The underscore of this group will be exponential (not incremental) gains. Each month, our goal, purpose, and commitment to one another (and mine to you) is to “Swing for the Fences.” But, ALWAYS with me providing “protective approaches” to minimize or outright eliminate your downside.

(Anyone who has ever experienced my Hot Seats and/or private consulting knows I know an unimaginable number of ways to achieve explosive growth without risk.)

Lord knows there is a dearth of offerings and special groups you can join to meet stimulating people – and network (I went on line and found over 100, just now!).

If that’s ALL you’re after – you’re at the wrong place if you think MY electric and eclectic “Magnificent 27 Brain Trust” is for you.

It’s not.

This is a very exceptional quality ongoing conclave – an uncategorically special (an encounter of the most unimaginable kind) experience - I’m bringing together a collection of brain power and diversity. 

Each is an exceptionally well chosen entrepreneur, committed to exchanging unique, high-level expertise, to stimulate and generate (together!) monumental new ideas, fresh non-linear thinking - - and give each member the opportunity to tune in deeply on all the different breakthroughs going on in diverse industries, emergent media, new technologies, and explosive new markets.
"We’ll discover higher, better, more powerful, profoundly
preeminent ways
to outsize your business performance
and dwarf your competition
– by thinking, acting, and transacting business differently – All thanks to the
“integrative monster contribution” of all “The Magnificent 27...”
So, I’m totally concrete and clear on how this will work, why this will work, and THAT this WILL work for all 27 - - follow along: 
  • No one is allowed into the group, unless they can prove / validate both their current success level, as well as their superior proficiency (and preferably mastery) of one or more key business performance enhancement “levels”/distinctions (i.e. strategy, marketing, consultative selling, channel distribution, online, Facebook, etc.)

  • No one will be allowed in unless their business is both supremely preeminent and is earning at least high six (preferably seven) figures annually, – minimum.

  • No one will be allowed in who cannot demonstrate both unhedging willingness (as well as capability) to openly share and transfer their profound knowledge over to the other 26 members who may not possess that (or those) specific skill set(s).

  •  Unlike a typical mastermind, where it’s more collegial than transactional – The Magnificent 27 will be squarely focused on producing exact, and multiple, “high performance” action strategies and implementation tactics for members to go back and specifically apply – immediately (each time we meet). These concepts will be individually reduced to situation-specific scenarios before each member leaves a session.
Stated differently – this is NOT a theoretical, intellectually entertaining social gathering that fails to deliver mammoth results.

Quite the contrary; any member attending a quarterly, two-day “Mind Meld Session,” who agrees to go home and implement one, or composites, of breakthrough ideas and/or concepts that came out of the session... 

Who fails to report results and confirm that they actually DID apply the concepts (as specifically framed for them during the session), will be jettisoned from the group, and their participation fee relinquished by them.

I’ve made gazillions from teaching millions of people results-certain, performance-proven, and profit validated breakthrough ways to grow, prosper, sell, market, advertise, compete, and differentiate.

I have perhaps 100,000 documented success stories – impressive? Perhaps – but actually anemic when you look at the millions of business owners I’ve shared them with.
"If it sounds like I’m more intent on attracting a small,
elite group
of fanatically action-oriented, maniacally
Open-minded, and outrageously, experimentally and innovative-minded, motivated value creators – than I am trying make a lot of money - you’re correct..."
I no longer focus my primary efforts on mass dissemination of blockbuster ideas to large groups of people who are too uncommitted to meaningfully act upon them and reap the wonderful rewards those ideas hold.

I still do Q&A Keynotes. But now I focus squarely (and passionately) on investing my time, expertise, opportunity cost and commitment to ONLY the worthy entrepreneur – willing, able – and equally as passionate about embracing and masterfully deploying my mindset, methods, capabilities, and vast knowledge base to their businesses’ maximum ethical, optimal, and preeminent strategic (long-term) advantage. 

I believe ardently in the adage that there are only three kinds of people:
  • People who watch things happen – meaning: spectators up in the stands, eating hot dogs, drinking beer, and being entertained passively;

     People who constantly MAKE things happen – meaning: players on the field, not red-shirts sitting on the bench just so they can say they were on the team. I respect entrepreneurs who compete masterfully, competitively, winningly - but with astronomical integrity, ethos, and unflappable commitment their people and clients.

      Finally, the people that things keep happening to – the self-sabotaging victims.
“The Magnificent 27” is a highly original brain trust / collaborative quarterly dynamic designed and intended only for a maximum of 27 mammoth business “brains.” 
They are each tremendous “victors.”
Seriously – it’s going to be a labor of love and highly conceptual adventure for me and all those who were invited in for 15 months – meaning, five mind-melding, two-day sessions.

Now the monetary part – participation is either unimaginably modest or unbelievably expensive – depending upon both your definition of value, and your appreciation / respect for MY unique skills, abilities, experiences, expertise, knowledge, and network of relationships.

If you can’t easily and enthusiastically write a check for $4,000 a month for 12 months, don’t apply. My goal is a ten-to-one quarterly minimum ROI for you (hopefully double, and maybe redouble that) – which will be achieved six ways: 
  • Through borrowing the positive success approach from each member and having me systemize and synthesize for each member in the session itself – before they leave – unique, situationally specific new approaches and strategic interpretations to apply to what they already do in their own businesses;

     By continuously going through each member’s current revenue generating model and processes - then identifying and maximizing every upside leverage point that drives that business (BTW, the average business has 20-40 impact points in the revenue growth process the entrepreneur has never recognized, let alone focused on improving). Improve even just half of these by a mere 10% each, and the combined impact is geometric – meaning, 100% percent performance increase – for no more time, effort, people, risk, or expense;

     Having me provide the closest thing to private, on-going consulting you will ever gain access to for less than 1/5th my minimum semi-annual fee – and you get 15-months of access, instead of six months;

      Complimentary access to almost every new program I come out with during that 15-month period of your membership. A few specialized, ultra-high priced programs ($10,000-$25,000 large) are excluded. But, every $5,000 or under program, event, or project I come out with digitally, or in group, is yours to profit from during your membership period – GRATIS.

     A permanently installed, initiated, upgraded, and constantly evolving new way of thinking about doing business – designed to catapult you into an entirely different altitude (and attitude) you’ll find exhilarating, intoxicating, and enormously rewarding (both financially as well as personally).

      Direct and regular association with a group of extraordinary quality and high-acuity colleagues, contemporaries, and thoroughly interesting minds –ALL committed to sharing, collaborating, enhancing and advancing one anothers’ already successful endeavors - over the 15 months we’re together - by order of magnitude.
By the way – I am not organizing this to be on-going. It’s another wonderful experiment I’m doing for 27 entrepreneurs for just 15 months.

Continuation past that will be totally predicated on the fulfillment I gain by seeing each participant collaborate diligently, apply assiduous follow through, and prosper meaningfully.

Said differently – don’t think – “this group sounds interesting, but I’ll wait for the next one,” because I’ve rarely done an experimental program more than once. Check for yourself. Of the last eight, I never did any of them again.

Finally, and reiteratively - the fee is $48,000 - payable monthly for 12 months – or discounted by $5,000 if paid in one payment. If you opt for payments – you owe them, irrespective of whether you follow through, or not – which is why I want to dissuade anyone / everyone uncertain or on the fence about applying.

Willingness and qualification aren’t enough. Once you talk to Rob Colasanti and he interviews you – if approved (and only after you’ve committed and said sent a non-refundable good faith deposit), I will then personally conduct the final acceptance interview. [Refundable upon rejection/disqualification]

If this proposition is too audacious and outrageous-sounding of an experience for you – then disregard it!

If it resonates magically with what YOU want, who YOU are, – YOUR values, goals and desires to grow YOURSELF and YOUR business – contact Rob at (727) 480-8853 or

But sincerely, DO NOT waste his time (or yours!). People have a tendency to either disregard my admonishments – or think they can gain some advantage by trying to go around the qualification criteria.

This is a serious offering for serious, successful - - seriously growth-focused, well-capitalized entrepreneurs ONLY.

No one else need apply. Because if you contact Rob and are definitely not what I’ve outlined above – you’ll be vanquished immediately from my email list and cut-off forever from all the wonderful resources I freely and continually contribute.

In summary: 

You are cordially invited to apply for consideration to be part of a very special 15-month experience.

It will bring together some of the most interesting, fascinating and remarkable minds on my list.

Each will be original thinkers, who are committed to exchanging ideas and tuning you in on what’s going on around the world of business – in a broad spectrum of other industries and media.

Expect great ideas to flow like lava erupting out of Mt. Vesuvius. There’s no better way of growing than by borrowing, adapting, adopting, and successfully applying hard-won, success-proven methods and approaches from outside your industry. (I’ll call this funnel vision vs. the tunnel vision that most people in your industry follow.)

We’re introducing hard-won ideas your competition doesn't even know about, let alone know how to harness.

I hope you’ll qualify, and if so, apply.

One more point - it’s ultra-important:

Only one person per industry will be allowed in, to maintain the openness and freely-flowing idea exchange. Each meeting is totally confidential. Also, if I don’t find 27 qualified entrepreneurs, it may be smaller – but I will NEVER be compromised on suitability and ability/willingness to contribute monumental knowledge to the group.
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